1. Kimberly McV

    my husband was diagnosed about 4yrs now , and it was from having too much iron in his blood, he's 48 ..

  2. Elle -mental

    I am really sorry you are suffering. Praying for you and everyone who has to deal with liver diseases.

  3. Liver Physique Fitness

    hope you get well soon man. i had liver cirrhosis and had my transplant in 2012. just keep fighting man!

  4. HAZE

    I am in the same boat. No one understands unless they go through it themselves. I just relocated to Florida. I don't even tell many people anymore. I am soooooo sick of hearing "you look fine." God bless you~

  5. Corin Adam Saleh Saleh

    well you are not alone.My cirrhosis is from Alcohol….im young as well.Just a personal question——-Do you experience insomnia? if can you share? thx

  6. Via L.

    My father died from this I miss him daily! He juiced a lot and I think that's what prolonged his life for a bit. He also worked he didn't want to lay around in bed all the time. He would be tired alot he hung in there for me until his body couldn't take it any longer. Good luck to you!

  7. Dadrules Stepup

    I'm from the uk bud , and the bastards have taken me off the transplant list because i'm not immediately dying, i have had all the varicies , shunts, coils and god knows what , i suffer with encalopaphy ( spelt wrong ) which is confusion caused by chirossis , i have walked out my house naked and i talk shit all the while. I cant work because i am too confused a lot of the time but the best thing is it comes and goes as quick as you grab fast food. I wish sometimes i had cancer instead of this madness, atleast many forms can be cured , my mum had it for a year and its gone after one operation , i have lost my wife , suffered severe depression and constantly have a shit life. Now they tell me i have no chance of a transplant because i am not immediately dying and they believe it would be too much of a risk and i just have to suffer, i have lived with this illness now since i was 32 years old. Its not caused by drink but like your self i hit rock bottom after and drank for a while , i don't now of course and haven't for over 3 years man your not allowed to in the uk if you want a transplant , tests and all that. Im not sure what its like in the us but in the uk they don't help for shit, they told me i had this disease after going in hospital not knowing who i was and projecting blood all over the place, i have had countless blood transfusion and in reality its a fucking shit horrible diseases that in many way is worse than cancer and they dont help you with. Touch wood i have had a release of the symptom and can play with my kids without getting too tired but in all honesty its an horrid disease and unless you get a transplant which i thought i was , i was on the list, then you are stuck with this fucker for ever and that thought is tough to swallow. I don't talk about my shit hardly and only really doing so because i had a bad night last night and just coming round. I am thinking of making a vid like this but dont want to seem like im milking shit anyway bud your not alone man , even miles away people have the same problem. Its fucking shit and all we can do is pull up our jeans and just get on with it , make the most out of this shit as we can.

  8. LimitlessThinker

    Thank you for sharing your story. I can see you are really trying and I give you much credit. Very sorry this happened. There is hope and never give up.

  9. Wednesday's Child

    My brother was diagnosed with this. I am scared. He drinks a lot and he won't speak to me. I told him he had to stop, and he yelled at me. He's in an rehab center for Physical therapy.

  10. Sometimes A Sunday

    I hope you are feeling well…I was diagnosed with cirrhosis in December!! I understand the daily struggle with this disease and thank you for sharing your story. Take care brotha!!

  11. Bobby Dazzler

    You went under for an endoscopy? We don't get that in the UK. Had a number of them with nothing but a spray on the back of my throat. Have you had a liver biopsy? Now that's no fun!
    I had cirrhosis diagnosed at 27, I lasted until 42 (2 years ago) and had a liver transplant, now I'm doing really well.

  12. VSG For me

    Thank you for documenting all of this. Please continue to upload. I hope that you improve. Take care.

  13. zombi wurm

    I was diagnosed with liver disease when I was 19. Right before being diagnosed with cancer. I'm 26 now and my doctors now here in oregon don't believe that I have liver disease either.

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