1. Jennifer W

    Dr. Singh, thank you for speaking on cirrhosis. Could you please tell me if there is any validity to coffee enemas, liver flushes, etc? Will these affect the cirrhosis in any way?
    Also, my husband was found that he had swollen lymph nodes throughout his body, but in difficult places, such as behind the liver. A surgeon went in to see if he could biopsy one behind the liver, but missed. However, he noted that his liver looked "slightly cirrhotic, but that is expected, because of the medication he is on for diabetic neuropathy."
    A week later, he fell, and then he noticed his abdomen was beginning to swell. They stated that was ascites, and he has cirrhosis. A liver biopsy confirmed this.
    "If" it is MILD cirrhosis, could he still live a normal life, as long as he keeps tight control of his diabetes (which he is), and leads as healthy a life as possible, even though he needs to keep on pain relief medication? He cannot exercise much, because of severe nerve pain, though.
    I think you said "copper induced." Could this come from medication?

  2. Innovative innovation

    I need an opinion. I have been a heavy drinker for 10 years and I have noticed that I have started to get itchy skin, particularly on the palms of my hands, the itching makes them red and it comes and goes.

    I also sometimes have a burning sensation on my legs. I am not jaundice, and my eyeballs are white. I had a blood test some time ago when I started to get itchy palms but the LFT's were normal. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  3. Natalia Galaxy

    Thank you for putting this issue out here on youtube. I will watch again to make sure i got all the info about the potential of universal human organ transplantion. I had some trouble following here and there but i think that i got the general gist.
    I'm pretty used to foreign accents and wish that you all who are having trouble understanding Dr. Ravinger Pal Singh's accent could read an English transcription of his video.

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