1. Rachael Bendall

    nawwww from New Zealand – You rock dude bravo bravo – the world is a better place with you in it!

  2. Jennifer W

    My husband is 59. He has never drank alcohol, but has cirrhosis, unrelated to hepatitis, as well. (I still find this interesting, being he once had the hepatitis that is temporary. I just wonder.) ANYWAY, anything you can tell us about what happened, please let us know.

  3. Dadrules Stepup

    this is why in the UK liver chirossis is not numbered by stages because the level of it is very often miss diagnosed. people who recover is a miss conception and they did not have end stage liver chirossis in the first place. the liver can mend its self up to a certain point anyway so this is a massive miss diagnosis in many cases. usually end stage liver chirossis shows other symptoms like varicies. which explode projectile blood from the gut, which is horrible, it also can cause encalopaphy. which is massive bouts of confusion. severe liver chirossis is one of the worst for miss diagnosing. I have it and I can promise you, that if you had end stage liver chirossis at any time, would not look as healthy as you do even if you worked out. the number game in america medical is false and causes hurt for no reason, this is just my opinion mind you and I ain't a doc.. ppl get scarring of the liver and this can regenerate up to a certain point anyway. mri scan and all that do not determine the level of chirossis, but guide. I am really pleased for this man, has liver chirossis in many ways is a crippling nasty disease and in many ways worse than cancer but always pushed aside. in the UK until you get to the transplant stage they do nothing to help. they tell you and then off you go, expecting you to just change your life dramatically off ur own back. many like my self find this hard and hit the bottle, I'f we are still getting drunk we don't have it right?. I haven't touched a drop of alcohol for years now, done all I need to do to be placed on the transplant list, now I have stopped going in hospital with bleeding, not having as bad symptoms because I live an healthier lifestyle which is natural for some increase in health and what have they done, they have kicked me off the transplant list saying I'm not dying tomorrow now, my life is shit, I fight everyday to live for tomorrow, I can't walk an hour without being really fatigued, I get so confused at times I don't even know what day it is I have coils, gadgets and shunts that one day will pack up but sometimes I'm absolutely fine but days like now I just need to rant, so here I am. I am 41 lived with this since I was 34 and now being kicked off the list has no future in sight for me what's so ever, I have to continue being this disgusting excuse of a man, keep fit they say and keep ya chin up, I can't bloody walk into town let alone keep fit. lovely dogs by the way, I have a golden lab called whammo. sorry about the rant just ignore it or delete. putting aside my opinion, I am so pleased for you man, whatever has happened you have another chance bud. make the best of it

  4. Jennifer Lehr

    HE HAD A TRANSPLANT, THATS HOW HE WAS CURED! Now stop asking how he did it and open your eyes and ears to what he said! He wrote the whole thing in his discription!

  5. retiredsearge

    My guess is he was misdiagnosed and never had cirrhosis. Cirrhosis does not go away. You can change your diet and slow it down, but there's no way to remove scarring from your liver.

  6. Therese Zack

    I don't understand. Did he have a liver transplant or he's been on the wait list for 7 years and now he doesn't need a new liver? If he didn't receive a liver, how is he better? What did he do to get rid of the cirrhosis? Does anyone know?

  7. LimitlessThinker

    Glad all worked out for you. Glad you love your dogs. I love my dogs. All rescues. Dogs have a bigger heart than humans so often. You are so handsome and nice so be kind to yourself. I know life can be so tough but we all gotta keep going. one day at a time.

  8. Cynthia Lynn Valerino

    Don't know gotta ask em lost paperwork OR it was stolen like MANY of my legal documents. FOR REAL!

  9. Cynthia Lynn Valerino

    End stage cirrhosis haven't drank in many years. Had all the blood work for transplant list. They still won't put me on the transplant list. Now what?

  10. Jennifer W

    My husband has cirrhosis from NASH, or so they say – I think it came from diabetes and neuropathic medicine – so he doesn't need Harvoni (right?). I'm curious what others would think he should do, to turn this around before he gets worse. I NEED him in my life!

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