1. Samuel Azner

    First one was pretty good this is good too but that explanation of esophageal varices. yes it can result in hematemesis but the varicosities are the effects which can result in rupture hemorrhage and the associated signs and symptoms. Also continuing to incorrectly name parts of the small intestine cmon makes it hard to spend a few hundred on your services. You explain things really well but its those small things that can lead to mistakes on tests.

  2. tildesk

    these are great videos; however, there are a lot of false information. Esophageal varices is NOT vomiting blood, its the redirection of blood around the liver via the esophagus. Also, the SI is made up of Duodenum, Jejunum, and ILEUM, not acetabulum.

  3. Melanie Damon

    esophogeal varices : tortuous dilation of a vein. Irritated by alcohol/food , cause rupture and bleeding, hematemesis, and melena. Just curious why would I ever spend money on your "grade saving course" if you constantly misinform? Nurses don't make these kind of mistakes. . .

  4. Kristen Betz

    Cirrhosis is spelled incorrectly in your videos (just a side note). Also, esophogeal varices is not throwing up blood. It can lead to that but not the best definition!

  5. StethoscopeMB RN

    OMG… you are God sent!!!! you have opened up my understand so well… Med Surg 2 Student in the house!!! Mid-term is coming up… No summer school for me!!! Thanks so much Mike!!!

  6. Brianna Hawks

    Correct your videos because you consistently make this mistake – the small intestine does NOT include the acetabulum. It does have (in order) the duodenum, jejunum, and the ileum.

  7. Suzanna Bailey

    Love your videos. I get so engaged in the learning. I don't know why I can't do that in class haha. Do you have a transcript of your videos?

  8. Katie Elmer

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…thank you!!!!!!  Love your videos!!  Keep them coming!!!  So darn awesome!!!!!!!

  9. Auti Starr

    Michael- I can not THANK YOU enough. You are amazeballs & I am so grateful for your videos & for pouring your energy, heart & soul into creating them. You are the best!

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