Liver Health Medication and Cirrhosis


Liver Health

Health of your liver is very important.

Your liver is probably one of the most important organ in your body.

According to, this 3 pounds organ can help you:

  • Manufacturing blood proteins that aid in clotting, oxygen transport, and immune system function
  • Storing excess nutrients and returning some of the nutrients to the bloodstream
  • Manufacturing bile, a substance needed to help digest food
  • Helping the body store sugar (glucose) in the form of glycogen
  • Ridding the body of harmful substances in the bloodstream, including drugs and alcohol
  • Breaking down saturated fat and producing cholesterol

Since it is the largest solid organ in your body, and is responsible for manufacturing blood in your body, it is your responsibility to keep it good, and keep it function correctly and healthily.

And this site is all about driving you to a good Liver health.

I hope you will enjoy the information here.

Even though we gave you all these wonderful and useful information, I think it is also YOUR job to keep your liver, and your body, healthy.

Keep in touch, and Enjoy!

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